TEC G THEATER – First Secured Online Open Theater


Efforts of hundreds of film makers go unappreciated daily in Indian cinema that once had dominated many world platforms with its richness and magnificence. For all those who are interested in films, TEC G THEATER is the right platform to showcase your talent through which your efforts, your dreams and your passion in films would go appreciated in this world.

  • TEC G THEATER is an online film portal which provides a wide collection of feature films, Non – feature films, Animated films, Music etc
  • Tec G THEATER allows viewers to watch films anytime, anywhere legally and in good quality.
  • Viewers can watch the latest movies using our service irrespective of the country they are in and enjoy them on their PC or Laptop or TV (Via HDMI) conveniently.
  • This platform promotes various cultural exchanges and help artist to gain publicity as well as monetary benefits.
  • The movies offered here are 100% legal. We protect the interest of our copyright holders.
  • Producers can easily upload their films to our portal by providing necessary legal documents.
  • Detailed collection reports will be available to the producers periodically.
  • Piracy of the movie is discouraged and can be tracked easily. Payment transactions are highly secured.
  • TEC G THEATER is highly user friendly.
For more details please log on to : www.tecgtheater.com